Monday, November 10, 2008

Gay Terrorist group attacks Michigan Church

Gateway Pundit: Radical Michigan Gay Group Attacks Christian Church Service

Right Michigan reported:

On Sunday, November 9, 2008 Michigan liberals sat peacefully through announcements, worship and prayer for the sick, our nation and our President-elect before staging a coordinated, disgusting and repulsive attack on worshipers and the broader concept of the church itself at Lansing's Mount Hope Church.

The lefties were a part of a liberal organization known as Bash Back Lansing and their collection of radical blogs, including one of the state's most widely read "mainstream" progressive blogs (and none which will receive a link on this website) called on "queers and trannies" from across the state and the region to converge on Lansing for what they refer to as an "action."

...over 30 of them showed up in force yesterday. Wearing secret-service style ear pieces and microphones they received the "go" from their ringleader and off they went.

...Prayer had just finished when men and women stood up in pockets across the congregation, on the main floor and in the balcony. "Jesus was gay," they shouted among other profanities and blasphemies as they rushed the stage. Some forced their way through rows of women and kids to try to hang a profane banner from the balcony while others began tossing fliers into the air. Two women made their way to the pulpit and began to kiss.

Any way you cut it that is domestic terrorism. There is only 1 church vicious enough in America to warrant protesting by gays and that's Westboro Baptist. If I am somewhere and a group rushes in dressed like that all I would think is terrorist attack and the shooting would start automatically. Yes I do carry everywhere except work.

I bet they don't try that shit at a mosque.

Made me think of this picture I saw on a board somewhere:

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John C. Bystrom said...

Yep, the way things are going in America today, the Christians will be forced into private house churches, while the homosexuals practice perversion in the street. Thanks for putting light into the darkness.