Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gas price relief

Senate Republicans proposed a $100 fuel-cost rebate for millions of taxpayers. Democrats talked of a two-month suspension of the 18.4-cent per gallon federal gasoline tax.

I really don't need $100 that bad so how about you just stick it up your ass. The Dem idea of sticking it to the oil companies for making a profit is just stupid. If they loose money are they going to bail them out for being stupid? Oh wait I forgot they already do that for the airlines don't they. How about this pull all the special deals the govt just gave them and any other free hand jobs I mean hand outs. While you are shutting down FEMA shut down the EPA so we can get some new refineries built and tell the hippies in Cali to stick it and start collecting some of that huge natural gas reserve off the west coast.

May 1st boycott Mexicans day

Now ask me again if I want to eat at El Bracero.

I just love they come here and somehow get financing on a new Ford Expedition with no drivers license and no insurance. Then they have to slap a Mexican flag on the front just to make sure we notice. You what if you love Mexico so damn much drive your ass back. Maybe I'm just jealous I can't figure out how they pull it off.

I'm back and cranky as ever

Nothing like spending a half a semester doing clinical in a state psychiatric hospital to make you a little edgy.