Saturday, November 04, 2006


Have you seen the crap that passes for food in schools these days? Odds are if you attended school in the 80's you will not be suprised because it looks like the same selection. The soy cheeseburgers, greasy squares of pizza and who can forget the chili dogs that the wiener is grey. I had to go into a school last week to shadow the school nurse (a whole story in itself) and I can tell you the only difference I saw was the addition of a salad bar.

Now I see this
headline where a parent is told he cannot bring fast food into the school to eat with his child. So now I am curious. Are there restrictions on what a child can bring to eat if they choose not to eat the school food?

After hanging out for a day at the school I can understand where the school is coming from there are some fat kids there. One that stands out in my mind was the 118lb 2nd grader. Any way you slice it thats a great deal of weight for 2nd grader to be carrying around and the odds that the child will develope Type II Diabetes are high. Actually if you look it up KY is leading the nation in many areas and none of them good things. Things like adults that smoke, obesity and non-traumatic amputations.

Now you are thinking whats with the amputation thing. Type II diabetes like in this child is a direct result of being over weight. Diabetics fall prey to whittling surgeries. Circulation decreases and sooner or later they loose a toe, then a foot, and eventually the leg. Normally you see this in much older adults. But now that diabetes is hitting children because of early obesity that means the amputations will start sooner as well.

Something to chew on.

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