Monday, December 11, 2006

Why would anyone want him as Gov anyway?

So lets get this straight.

Attorney General Greg Stumbo has asked the state ethics commission to reconsider its opinion that said he could not run for governor in 2007 without confronting a “perceived or actual” conflict of interest.

Stumbo, a Democrat, said in an interview Thursday with The Courier-Journal he has not decided whether to run for governor but has no plans to do so “at this time.”


Right. Like he didn't spend the last couple of years wasting taxpayer money to make a name for himself to be Governor.

Speaking of which would anyone want a Governor that thought this way:

Taxpayers picked up a tab of at least $2.1 million for the investigation of Gov. Ernie Fletcher and his staff for awarding civil service jobs to political allies.

But the full cost will remain a mystery.

Was it worth it? Well according to Stumbo sure it was:

"Yes, the investigation was worth it. Kentucky will see the benefits of this investigation as its work force in state government is allowed to function as the law intended it to, where jobs are awarded on merit and what you know -- not who you know," he said.


Sell thanks Greg I sure will sleep better tonight.

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