Friday, January 26, 2007

Tyra Banks the new fat actress?

So I ventured out to fetch the mail and on top of the heap was my wifes new issue of People magazine. Now to me People is usually just another turd in the pile of celebrity ass kisser mags. Very seldom does it warrant anymore than a cursory flip through for pics of hot chics. So this month on the cover is Tyra banks. Apparently on vacation someone snapped some pics that didn't make her look good and a magazine ran them saying she had really packed on the pounds. Interesting in the article she talks about when she was modeling she was once told she needed to loose 10 lbs. I'm sure Kate Dillon can relate.

You know from what I have seen on the tube most of the men that work in the high fashion industry are faggots so who really gives a shit what they think a woman should look like? Oops there went my chances for role on Grey's Anatomy.

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