Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dear Playboy

Dear Playboy,

Please stop sending me last chance offers to resubscribe. We had a good 10 year run together but quite frankly you jumped the shark some time ago. I just cannot stomach any more interviews with liberal assclowns or even more pics of Pamela Anderson. I can't imagine by now there being any square inch of skanky body that I have not seen. I realize that from your perspective if the Religious Right took over they would seek to ban Playboy outright as an American Taliban outfit. Not all those that voted for Bush (twice) are card carrying members of the 700 Club. Maybe you don't think fighting back in Afghanistan or starting a proxy war with Iran in Iraq will solve our terrorist problem. If you have not noticed no one on the left has any better ideas.

Mean while I am going to subsribe to Maxim. The women have more clothes but they are just as funny to read and I don't have to look at the liberal douche of the month.

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