Saturday, July 25, 2009

1 year ago today

Day of remembrance for two young girls killed in hit-and-run

Saturday will be a day of remembrance for two Louisville families whose young girls were killed in a hit-and-run crash. This comes as the family has filed a civil lawsuit against the suspect.

This civil lawsuit now includes the names of state employees. But current law says those employees aren't subject to these kinds of lawsuits. Sarah Lawrence, one victim's mother, said on Friday, "Although their lives were brief, they were very joyful children that brought each and every one of us joy and happiness."

Saturday marks one year since a vehicle struck four-year-old Riley Lawrence, five-year-old Claudia Wadlington, and Wadlington's mother as they crossed a street on the edge of the University of Louisville campus.

I thought that was a powerful picture the first time I saw it and now a year later it still is. Recently I came to learn more about it from one of the victims mothers:

The shoe picture... that was my daughter's shoe. They'd just been bought two weeks prior. They were too big, but after being in flip flops all summer she kept telling me everything she tried on was "too tight." I saw the picture the night she was killed, I don't remember if it was on the television or on the internet. The shoe was not far from the crosswalk where they were hit. Where Riley ended up is another story. I've been meaning to take/post a picture to show people just how far he threw her. 65 mph, two children and a mommy in his sight and he never slowed down, never swerved and didn't stop. Freaking animal.

Anyway, nice to meet you, and please keep blogging about the case. Anything we can do to keep people informed and keep the case in the public eye will help with our eventual goal of changing this state's messed up parole system.

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I just cannot imagine. The families are in my thoughts today.

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