Monday, December 19, 2005

In the dark of night

I was going to blog about the leak about the NSA snooping going on but Froggy has it covered much better than I could. All I have to say is that the US spy agencies seem to be leaking like sieves lately and its time to "plug" some leaks.

So I spotted the name Cory Maye over at the Instapundit last night but did not read up on it until tonight here

I feel bad for Cory, I feel bad for the family of the policeman and I feel bad for the dumbass on the narcotics task force who though it was a good idea to let young officer tag along on the raid. The fact this guy is in prison now just goes to show how poor the educational system in Miss really is. Was he in reasonable fear of his life at the time he fired? Anyone without their head firmly planted in their ass could see that.

Now sitting here in the house alone at night it leads me to do some thinking. The odds of the police raiding my house by accident are not good but it could happen. So if they did what is the probable outcome? At midnight I would be asleep in the bedroom with a ceiling fan running and my personal fan because I like the noise as I cannot sleep well when its too quiet and I can't hear the dog if she decides she is gonna start grooming at 3am. So cops say Police at he same instant they smash the front door. I would probably hear something but not have time to figure out what is going on. The dog who is old (10 1/2) and fat (140lbs) might have time to motivate her ass off the floor but probably not as she tends to take a wait and see attitude. As the team bursts into the bedroom and spot this big ass bewildered Rottweiler and open fire I will not hear anything other than gun fire and see movement in the doorway. So now I have intruders opening fire in the bed room, one dead mans best friend, and now I can't hear.

Right now there are several items on my bedside table: a lamp, alarm, Motorola Razr, Surefire G2 and a handgun. The wifes bedside table looks pretty much the same with the addition of a bottle of hand lotion. Under the bed is my new Bushmaster M4A3 and 3 clips of 5.56mm. So after gunning down the dog and spotting weapons who do you think is gonna get it next? SO my choice here is get gunned down in my own home or defend myself and take my chances in court. I think I will take my chances in court.

Of course here in KY things are not much better than they are in Miss. Just 2 years ago a young man in a wheel chair who shot and killed an intruder was charged with manslaughter. What kind of pinhead would sit on a grand jury and indict a paraplegic for defending himself in his own home?

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