Friday, December 16, 2005

Wow has it been that long?

Its been almost a month since I have had time to post here. Lets have a quick rundown on what you have missed. I stopped shaving and grew a nice winter Grizzly Adams beard. I have officially moved into the new compound. Little brother is now safely tucked away in the apartment across the yard. That reminds me where did I put that potato gun? I got the fence put up in the side yard for the dogs. The new washers spin cycle at 1100 RPM is fascinating to watch after a few drinks. There is something therapeutic about spliting your own firewood by hand. Blazing Saddles is still pretty damn funny. I bought a 1986 Yamaha Big Wheel and Honda Fatcat. I decided I liked the Big Wheel better so I sold the Fatcat on Ebay. The Rottweiler is not liking the house full of hardwood flooring and ceramic tile at all.

I havent been able to stay up on the news like I would like. I am encouraged by the 70% turn out for the vote in Iraq. I am puzzled as to why we would want to stop using "waterboarding" if it is as effective as they say. Iran still wants nuclear weapons and now for some reason wants to yank Israels chain. Hell if they want nukes that bad lets give them some. The President wants to spend $3 billion dollars on the levee system in New Orleans? Why in the hell would that be a good idea?

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Elelel said...

Grizzly Adams?... hmmmm... :D

Probably has been good for you to take a break from the world's troubles.