Monday, January 23, 2006

Ford swings the axe

Well how ironic I was going to blog about the Corvette plant and in todays headlines Ford is swinging the axe. This hot on the heels of GM swinging the axe a few months ago is a major blow to the UAW and thousands of workers who trusted their unions to take care of them.

I am sure it is shocking news to many but it should hardly be suprising. Now before you have too much sympathy for the UAW workers ponder this from a recent article about the Delphi Plant:

Skilled workers average $30.77 an hour
Production wages average $26.35 an hour

Now compare that to the national average for:

Paramedic $13.43
RN $26.77
Police Officer $22.40
Fire Fighter $19.22


Now if you think a job building cars, trucks or dildos should pay better than the four jobs above, you are a complete and utter piece of shit.

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Elelel said...

I agree with the first two... but could we negotiate on the third. Afterall, that is related to physical, emotional and spiritual health. Isn't that priceless?