Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sick and can't sleep I need Nyquil

The Patriot Act makes me feel so much safer no wonder I slept so well last night. As usual Dianne you are late to the show. My state (as well as most of the surrounding states) already have laws passed concerning this. What this means is as a law abiding citizen I can 15 minutes to my trip to Walmart to stand in line to get Nyquil. Let me tell you when I am already sick that is going to make me one grumpy bastard.
But wait won't having to show a photo ID be discriminatory to blacks? Isn't that what we hear come election time when people get incensed that they should have to prove they are actual citizens to vote?

The Patriot Act compromise agreed to Friday included a provision to combat illegal methamphetamine by limiting sales of cold remedies used to make the highly addictive drug.

The measure is a compromise reached after months 'of haggling over the 30-day limit. Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Jim Talent, R-Mo., who pushed the legislation in the Senate, insisted the limit was needed.

They had sought various ways to get their legislation through Congress, finally attaching it to the Patriot Act, only to find their efforts frustrated when the bill stalled in December over concerns that civil liberties protections were being shortchanged.

Oh by the way Dianne the last box of Nyquil I got came from so stick that in your cornhole.


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