Monday, April 27, 2009

Marijuana for Swine Flu?

One interesting thing about the avian flu H5N1 was that the Cytokine Storm as seen in severe sepsis was responsible for many of the deaths. It may have also played a large role in the 1918 Pandemic and in the SARS deaths. Research has shown those on statin therapy for cholesterol can reduce mortality from the avian flu and presumable the swine flu as well.

So in researching that last night on line I ran across another intersting study on reducing the effects of the cytokine storm and cytokine production.

Marijuana and Cocaine Impair Alveolar Macrophage Function and Cytokine Production

So we all just need to get some Tamiflu, take some Zocor and smoke some pot while we watch it spread across the google map?


Professor D. said...

would be interesting to see if marijuana has any direct effect on the development of swine flu

Anonymous said...

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