Monday, March 13, 2006

Bill would OK live-coyote sales

House Bill 608 passed 85-15 and is pending before a Senate committee. Kentucky would join Indiana and at least eight other states that allow live coyote sales.

That sounds like a fine plan to me but of course the usual suspects are against it:

But veterinarians, animal welfare activists and the state Department of Fisheries and Wildlife oppose the measure, saying it could lead to the spread of rabies. Some people also say it is cruel to have dogs chase coyotes to exhaustion or death.

"It's just terrifying and it stresses them and they don't meet with a very humane end," said Pam Rogers, Kentucky legislative coordinator for Humane Society of the United States. "They're going to probably be torn apart by the dogs."

A very humane end? Lady its a coyote not a human there is a reason they have a bad reputation. I suppose she has never lost a family pet to pack of coyotes either. Fact is here in Western Kentucky (which you people in Louisville and Lexington always forget about) we are up to our ears in coyotes. I live less than 3 miles outside the city limits and the Mrs wants me to add an electric fence around the chainlink to protect the dogs. As a deer hunter I can tell you that trying to scare a nosey coyote no longer works. I can remember a time when you hardly ever saw them but now you see them in broad daylight and they are not the least bit frightened of humans anymore.

One problem which this bill addresses is the fact the pelts are worthless to trappers but could be worth more trapped alive. The other problem is a coyote isn't a fancy trophy buck like all the GQ hunters come down for. There just are not enough people hunting them anymore but they reproduce rapidly.

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