Sunday, March 12, 2006

So gambling on horse racing isn't a sin?

I just do not understand anyone with the common sense of a syphilis infected goat being against slot machines at horse racing parks.

Here is how the map plays out:

Across the river from Paducah is a casino in Metropolis.
Across the river from Henderson is a casino in Evansville.
Across the river from Louisville is a casino in...whatever that cities name is.

So Paducah and Louisville are already providing the players but getting nothing in return. Yes opponents can say that gambling brings problems. Guess what folks the casinos and the problems are already there the least we can do is get some tax revenue from it. So far the projections are $350 million dollars to help pay for the medicaid program whose cost keeps rising at a pace we can no longer afford.

Perhaps the opponents would be okay with a ballot initiative to start taxing churches like any other business to help out the general fund?

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