Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Regular blogging will resume on or about May 5th when I finish this damn psychiatric rotation.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

4 years and you have accomplished what?

Apparently not a damn thing. For 4 years both Dem and Rep have bickered over what to do and gotten nothing done. How many Doctors have we lost to states like Indiana where the insurance is cheaper due to Caps on malpractice claims. I can think of 3 OB/GYNs right off the top of my head.

I have to say I find the idea of creating a state-run malpractice-insurance carrier a nightmare maker. Its also typical of the Liberal way of thought. The govts job is not to provide insurance. But its also not the govts job to provide a way to squeeze money out of insurance companies and make trial lawyers rich.

Do a search on yahoo for Cerebral Palsy. Now look to the left in the ad section and tell me what you see. Do you know why lawyers love these little darlings? Because they know the insurance company will settle even if the OB/GYN was not at fault. Experience has shown that a jury will feel so bad for family there is no way they will not rule in their favor. I think it has been shown in research the last I read that only 10% of CP children had a difficult delivery. But in front of a jury it really doesnt matter.

The simple fact is when you are in front a jury of your peers when you are a Dr does the housewife next door really constitute one of your peers?

Media still trying to derail Polyheme

Looks like the media is determined to undermine and derail any advance in artificial blood technology. Nevermind the fact that the patients in this trial are the worst the trauma center has to offer. No the media still wants to focus on how many died after receiving Polyheme. How hard is it to see there is no way of knowing if these patients would have died anyway.

The big question is how many lives could be saved by having Polyheme available on all ambulances instead of having to wait to get to the ER for blood.

Monday, March 13, 2006

RINO eh ?

Seeing as how I don't play well with Democrats, Republicans or Libertarians maybe this might be a spot for me to hang out. There seem to be some good blogs I already read on the list.

Republicans / Independents Not Overdosed (on the Party Kool Aid)

Bill would OK live-coyote sales

House Bill 608 passed 85-15 and is pending before a Senate committee. Kentucky would join Indiana and at least eight other states that allow live coyote sales.

That sounds like a fine plan to me but of course the usual suspects are against it:

But veterinarians, animal welfare activists and the state Department of Fisheries and Wildlife oppose the measure, saying it could lead to the spread of rabies. Some people also say it is cruel to have dogs chase coyotes to exhaustion or death.

"It's just terrifying and it stresses them and they don't meet with a very humane end," said Pam Rogers, Kentucky legislative coordinator for Humane Society of the United States. "They're going to probably be torn apart by the dogs."

A very humane end? Lady its a coyote not a human there is a reason they have a bad reputation. I suppose she has never lost a family pet to pack of coyotes either. Fact is here in Western Kentucky (which you people in Louisville and Lexington always forget about) we are up to our ears in coyotes. I live less than 3 miles outside the city limits and the Mrs wants me to add an electric fence around the chainlink to protect the dogs. As a deer hunter I can tell you that trying to scare a nosey coyote no longer works. I can remember a time when you hardly ever saw them but now you see them in broad daylight and they are not the least bit frightened of humans anymore.

One problem which this bill addresses is the fact the pelts are worthless to trappers but could be worth more trapped alive. The other problem is a coyote isn't a fancy trophy buck like all the GQ hunters come down for. There just are not enough people hunting them anymore but they reproduce rapidly.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

KY House passes ATV child-helmet bill

Children younger than 16 would have to wear helmets when riding all-terrain vehicles under a bill passed yesterday by the Kentucky House.

Why do we need a law for this? It should be the parents responsibility to make their kids wear helmets. So basically what you are saying is its against the law for a 15 year old to ride an atv without a helmet but its okay for his dad to ride his Harley on the parkway at 65 mph without it. I seem to recall when they repealed the helmet law for adults it was a matter or "personal freedom" but this they say is not. I suppose that is because minors obviously have no rights as evidenced by the way the school systems treat them.

Deborah Stillwell, whose 12-year-old son, John, was seriously injured in an ATV accident, praised the bill's passage.

John was not wearing a helmet when he crashed into a church signpost in Taylor County last August. He suffered a brain injury and a fractured skull, a broken leg and three crushed vertebrae.

Deborah who obviously failed to make her child wear a helmet now thinks we should feel sorry for her. Maybe John hit the signpost because he is an idiot and should not have been on an atv to start with. I would like to know the make and model of the atv in question because I am willing to bet somewhere on the atv there is a warning label saying it was not to be operated by someone under 16. How many kids have you seen riding giant atv's made for adults?

My god how did I survive childhood with no helmet and on a 3-wheeler at that. Not only did I survive I never broke any bones or had serious injuries.

But the bill's sponsor, Rep. Jim Gooch, D-Providence, said a law might prompt more parents to make their children wear them.

"If this law can save one parent from having a child who is brain-injured or killed, " Gooch said, "I think this law will have been worth it."

Hey Jim I bet if you ban children from riding on bikes and skateboards without helmets you might save a few lives as well. Maybe after they are born we should just strap on a pro-tec until they are 18 cause you never know when one might fall down the steps.

I wonder if Mr Goochs kids wore helmets on atvs......

BTW has anyone seen Rep. Ballard who did not even vote on this? Thanks for representing your district jackass.

So gambling on horse racing isn't a sin?

I just do not understand anyone with the common sense of a syphilis infected goat being against slot machines at horse racing parks.

Here is how the map plays out:

Across the river from Paducah is a casino in Metropolis.
Across the river from Henderson is a casino in Evansville.
Across the river from Louisville is a casino in...whatever that cities name is.

So Paducah and Louisville are already providing the players but getting nothing in return. Yes opponents can say that gambling brings problems. Guess what folks the casinos and the problems are already there the least we can do is get some tax revenue from it. So far the projections are $350 million dollars to help pay for the medicaid program whose cost keeps rising at a pace we can no longer afford.

Perhaps the opponents would be okay with a ballot initiative to start taxing churches like any other business to help out the general fund?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Calling a spade a spade

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- After motorist T. Allen Morgan got a speeding ticket in Coopertown - a town known for its heavy-handed traffic enforcement - he tried to pay his ticket like a good citizen.

But he added a little note on his check which angered Mayor Danny Crosby. The mayor refused to accept the check, sparking the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to launch an investigation Monday.

Crosby told Morgan that he had to either write another check that didn't have the words "for speed trap" written in bold letters or face the charges in traffic court.

"As mayor of this city, if I accept that check from that gentleman, I'm admitting we run a speed trap, and that's a bald-faced lie," Crosby said Tuesday.

Coopertown lies about 20 miles northwest of Nashville on a state highway used by motorists to travel between interstates 24 and 65. The town generates nearly 30 percent of its revenue from traffic tickets.

Mayor you and your city are a boil on the ass of humanity. He should have also added a penny to the check so that you had to spend the .39 to mail him a check back for the penny.

I would love to see what percentage of my cities revenue comes from traffic tickets as well. Protect and serve my ass.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ralph Peters on the Non-Civil War in Iraq

Since Outlaw 13 is on holiday I will pick up his slack with the sequel to "NO WAR IN THE STREETS". Latest from Col Peters DUDE, WHERE'S MY CIVIL WAR?

I'M trying. I've been trying all week. The other day, I drove another 30 miles or so on the streets and alleys of Baghdad. I'm looking for the civil war that The New York Times declared. And I just can't find it.

Maybe actually being on the ground in Iraq prevents me from seeing it. Perhaps the view's clearer from Manhattan. It could be that my background as an intelligence officer didn't give me the right skills.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Voting for dummies

Bill in House would remove straight-party voting option

A bill that would eliminate the option of voting a straight party ticket with one selection has been introduced in the Kentucky House, but backers say the measure's outcome is uncertain.

Kentucky is one of 17 states, most of them in the South or the Rust Belt, whose ballots offer a straight-ticket option.

I can see why some would not want this removed it would require the voter to actual think about the choices. If voters start thinking they might realize what a crook the incumbent is.