Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dems hope Singlaub is McCain’s Ayers? part 2

The story wasn't on MSNBC this morning when I first posted about this. I see they have taken their own spin on it to sensationalize it of course.

McCain linked to group in Iran-Contra case
Organization had ties to former Nazi collaborators, right-wing death squads

I also noticed that Maj Gen Singlaub's wikipedia page was edited to remove:

"Singlaub is credited with forcing the international governing body to renounce its overtly fascist Central American League branch."


Actually if you go to their website you will see he did a great deal to purge many of the undesirables from the organization. I doubt the man who parachuted behind enemy lines with the OSS to combat the Nazi's is likely to want to be involved with any Nazi's or Nazi collaborators.

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