Monday, October 06, 2008

In an Obama gun free utopia

only law enforcement would be allowed to have guns because only they have the training to handle such responsibility. I know every bushel of apples has at least 1 bad apple but I won't be surprised when this case goes to court and his fellow officers talk about what an obvious idiot this guy was.

Police looking for Kentucky deputy in woman's death

Kentucky State Police Trooper Todd Holder said a murder warrant has been issued for 41-year-old Deputy Randall Creek of Bowling Green. His ex-girlfriend, Debbie R. Rediess, 46, was shot to death outside her home Sunday morning in Smiths Grove, Holder said. The couple had dated for five years.

Hours before Rediess was shot, Creek sent an e-mail to The Daily News in Bowling Green describing his feelings for her. The paper reported that it was one of several letters Creek had written to the paper in recent years. In the letter, Creek said Rediess ended their relationship because he wouldn’t set a wedding date.

Yeah when I get dumped I usually turn to the local newspaper for closure. Obvious self esteem issues and someone thought giving him a gun and badge was a good idea? Just because they pass the state background check doesn't mean they are good to go. Good job vetting your deputy there sheriff.

Would have been helpful to have a picture of this armed and dangerous suspect but anyway:

Creek was seen leaving in a 1997 gray Ford Ranger with a military Kentucky tag: KY 13650. Creek has black hair and brown eyes, he's about 6'2" and weighs around 220-pounds.

Should you have contact with Randall Creek, police advise not to attempt to approach or apprehend him. Creek is believed to have in his possession at least one handgun and one shotgun.

If you have any information concerning this case or to the whereabouts of Randall A. Creek, please contact the Kentucky State Police Post in Bowling Green at (270) 782-2010 or 1-800-222-5555.

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