Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kentucky attempting to acquire 12,000 acres

Kentucky eyeing huge plot of land, public recreation area among ideas

When nearly 12,000 acres of Western Kentucky farm and woodland goes on the auction block Nov. 8, a partnership of state and other public agencies is expected to be among the bidders.

Their goal is to keep the land — assembled by Alcoa in the 1950s and owned by Kimball International since 1998 — in one tract and to make it available for public recreation.

With four miles of Ohio River frontage, the land straddles the Tradewater River with 7,270 acres in Crittenden County and 4,489 in Union County.

"We're looking at every way possible we may acquire that," said Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo. "I'm very confident we're going to have our partnership together before (Nov. 8) and be there with the ability to purchase this land.

"We've been working hard, and we're hopeful."

Mongiardo said a partnership of state and national conservation organizations and fish and wildlife agencies that would use no state general fund money was being knit together to provide the $25 million or so likely needed to secure the land.

If they could nail that for $25 million I think in the long run it would be a bargain. From what I have seen of it so far would be excellent public land for deer and duck hunting. I could see a hunting lease company trying to snatch it up as well. I myself don't have the need to hunt on public land but would like to see the state try to get it if possible. I know Land Between the Lakes can only provide so much.

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