Monday, March 02, 2009

A book returns

While looking for something else I ran across a book I first read around the time I was forming my own political identity Revolution X: A Survival Guide for Our Generation by Jon Cowan and Rob Nelson. While it is now very much out of date I think the sentiment behind their organization Lead or Leave is still timely as the national debt is staggering.

On a related note check out the age break down of the 111th Congress: List of current United States Senators by age and generation

GI Generation 1901–1924 4 4D, 0R
Silent Generation 1925–1942 35 16D, 1I, 1ID, 17 R
Boomer Generation 1943–1960 54 32D, 22R
Generation X 1961–1981 6 4D, 2R
Generation Y 1982–2001 0 0D, 0R

If my grandparents were still living it would worry me if they drove so why are we putting people of that age in office?

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