Sunday, March 29, 2009

I feel safer knowing these dangerous women are off the street

Drug agents crack down on prostitution via Craigslist

OCALA - The ads on feature alluring headlines like “Hot Hot Hot,” “You can have me all to yourself” and “Full Body Massage.”

Some of the ads, authorities say, are solicitations for legitimate area businesses offering dancing or massage therapy.

Others are not-so-subtle offers of prostitution

Marion County investigators on Friday announced that they arrested seven women who were offering sex for sale on Craigslist, joining an increasing number of police departments nationwide who are cracking down on prostitution on the popular Web site.

Capt. Lee Sullivan, head of the Marion County Multi-Agency Drug Enforcement Team, which conducted the sting, said officials launched the operation because they’d been receiving frequent complaints from citizens.

One of the complaints was from a woman who was angry because her husband, following a tryst with a prostitute advertising on Craigslist, brought home a sexually transmitted disease.

Why is the drug squad wasting time on this? Putting women out of work in a recession what are they thinking? They should be out earning revenue for the city by writing speeding tickets.

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