Sunday, March 29, 2009

United Kingdoms overburdened NHS may be saved!

'Dr Death' sells euthanasia kits in UK for £35

Testing kits that allow people to check the strength of drugs they have bought in order to commit suicide are to be sold in the UK by one of the world's leading advocates of euthanasia.

Dr Philip Nitschke, an Australian physician known as Dr Death for his enthusiastic promotion of a person's right to take his own life, believes the UK is a suitable place to run a trial of the kits, which he has been developing in his laboratory. But Nitschke's actions have revived concerns that healthy elderly and vulnerable people will end up killing themselves in the belief that they have become a burden to their families.

Screw it up and you may well wish you were dead when you wake up with that tube.

Now a public service message:

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