Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meghan McCain on Twitter goes animated

One night last week while I was working Meghan posted on Twitter why she is a Republican.

Because I keep getting asked...... A few reasons why I consider myself a Republican: I believe in less taxes and less government spending

I'm not a libertarian because I believe in some government taxes and some government spending.

Government can be a force for good, so long as its well managed.

I believe in STRONG fiscal and national security or as I like to call it, good government done right

Even if I don't agree with every issue of the party, its the party I agree most with. And I believe with the right leader can flourish again

And that ladies and gentleman are just a few reasons why I consider myself a Republican!

But like I said, the label that best defines me (even though I hate labels) is a Progressive Republican, like a lot of you out there :-)

This party needs to get back to its roots and stop making social issues a focal point of the platform. As it says in The Declaration of

Independence "all men are created equal" and that means, everyone in this country is equal. Not "separate but equal", thats where I differ..

Hope everyone has a better understanding why I am someone who is proud to be a member of The Republican Party!

I think Meghan mistakes Libertarians for Anarchists. She sounds like a Libertarian Republican to me. But she is right about many things.

The Republican party is dieing. Dieing because they are loosing the younger vote and will continue unless they change course soon. Luckily for them younger voters are more pragmatic than their elders and are not as devoted to party. Both parties are failing us and we know it. The GOP social agenda is alienating the younger voters. Many of those in the GOP think they lost the last election because McCain was not "conservative" enough. They think if they trot out a hard right candidate in 2012 the base will show up to vote. This isn't rocket science the base always shows up to vote. Maybe after a humiliating defeat in 2012 the GOP will realize their mistake or maybe not.

Meanwhile from today's Twitter post Meghan goes animated.


hahajohnnyb said...

Everyone is equal UNDER THE LAW. The ideology that everyone is equal is communist.

Actually, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution granted right to men only, so they did not believe Everyone was equal, but all MEN are equal.

They did not believe that all men were equal either, but only male citizens of the Nation. To be a member of the Nation, you had to be a member of the White Race.

Republicanism is still alive and well amoungst the white race, male members of the white race. Our form of government was never intended to be universal, but intended specifically for white men.

Republicanism is dying becausing we gave females the vote and allowed a lot of non-whites to immigrate into the United States, which has lead to ethnic strife and social discord.

Take the vote from the women, and kick the non-whites and Jews out of this country and the problem solves itself.

Nixon said...

Republicanism is dying becausing we gave females the vote and allowed a lot of non-whites to immigrate into the United States, which has lead to ethnic strife and social discord.

Take the vote from the women, and kick the non-whites and Jews out of this country and the problem solves itself.

This type of rhetoric might be at least some of the problem with the Republican party...well this and a bizarre fascination with cultural/religious conservatism in a cosmopolitan America. Hopefully they'll push for strong defense, patriotism, fiscal restraint, and an end to the welfare state that cripples our nation. But I fear they're looking for a personality and not ideas.

hahajohnnyb said...

Nixon, its not rhetoric, but a statement of truth. A republic cannot survive multiculturalism, and multiculturalism was imposed on the white race in this country against their will.

Every other ethnic group in this country votes for their ethnic interests except whites. Whites must realize that they have an ethnic interest in this country, and unless the Republican Party wants to simply become the Democrat Party then then they best start thinking like nationalists because non-whites do not vote Republican, why should they?

Democrats promise minorities special treatment, Republicans promise nothing. Should the republicans start to make promises to Ethnic minorities then it comes at the expense of whites, and works against the white ethnic interest.

Recognizing these facts it becomes obvious that the Republican party is making a tragic mistake in trying to appeal to minorities rather than defending their white ethnic base. It also because obvious that the people who were opposed to non-white immigration were right from the beginning.

The Jews were the ones who wanted America to become multicultural, not the white majority. David Duke and Pat Buchanan have alwys been right about the Jews. Time for the Republicans to take the fight against ZOG public.

Jason said...

Well now we have the opinion from the shallow end of the gene pool.

hahajohnnyb said...

Shallow? Perhaps you should consider the fact that everything that I am posting here is the truth, and demonstrable by observing the policies created by Democrats and the voting patterns of ethnic minorities. Ethnic minorities vote Democrat because the democrats promise to deliever special status to these minority groups. Either we have both parties competing to give minorities the most special treatment at the expense of the majority white ethnic group which built this country, or we have one party stand up for the white race with the other party opposed to the white race. Otherwise our Republic cannot stand.

This is not a shallow observation, but an observation rooted in fact and clearly observable through voting trends and demographics.

Every other ethnic group in America has organization looking out for its ethnic interest, only the groups that look out for the ethnic interests of white people are demonized in the media. In January, David Duke's Euro meeting was shut down by the state police in clear contridiction to every American's constitutional right to assemble.

Race and ethnicity does matter, and multiculturalism and intergration has resulted in nothing but social chaos and the ruin of our society. Whites must fight back against the forces of multiculturalism or Western Civilization itself dies.

Of course you Jason, do not have the intellectual security to address these issues so you have to resort to ad hominim attacks, and accusations that I lack depth. If depth means fuzzy logic, and willfully ignoring facts and human nature, then you are absolutely right, I am a shallow person, but that does not mean that I am not right.

Jason said...

No I just have better things to do with my time than argue with you on my blog. If I wanted to debate the issues I would post on a message board.

My blog my opinions my rules.

Have a nice day.

kmorrison said...

As a McCain supporter it's fun to see Meagan McCain show that same spark that her father has in a new and fresh way.