Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bloggin on the road

Been in Nashville since Tuesday. Had a family member here at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Those BK-117's they have with their lifeflight are sweet. I think I saw somewhere they do 2500 flights a year and I believe it they are super busy. Their 22 bed neuro ICU is pretty nice and having a cute redhead with an Alabama accent doesnt hurt either. I managed to make it over to the childrens hospital last night to hit the Subway. I don't think I have ever been in a childrens hospital quite like this one before.

Have not seen much of the national news or been able to get much webtime here. Come to think of it have not gotten much sleep either. But I can tell you not to stay at the Days Inn at 1800 West End. The air conditioning return was clogged up with dirt/dust and the vents themselves has mold all over them. Needless to say my allergies were in rare form when I got up.

In the local paper someones panties are in a wad over a report that members of the Nashville SAR team *gasp* posed with Hooters girls. Holy shit people get a life. They went down and did a hard dirty job you candy asses wouldnt want. Looks like other allegations have been emailed to channel 2 WKRN that can not be backed up.

Looks like in Cali they voted down all the propositions on the ballot. So lets see they voted out a Governor because he could not get anywhere with the idiots they keep electing to the statehouse. Then they reelect said idiots and the new governor cannot accomplish anything so he puts the plans on the ballot to bypass elected idiots. Okay then that makes sense only if you live in Cali I suppose.

Speaking of Cali looks like Nissan is tired of all the bullshit there and is moving their headquarters to Nashville. Well good for Nashville. Can we vote Cali off the island now? Speaking of Nissan ...hey UAW guys hows that union at the Smyrna Nissan plant coming along? *snicker* Don't worry guys you still have GM and you can ride that company right into the ground...which should not be much longer now.

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