Friday, November 04, 2005

Porkbusters 2.0 update

Looks like according The Truth Laid Bear PorkBusters tracking page that shows Senate support they have tallied 8-3 in favor.

In favor are:

John McCain(R - AZ)
Sam Brownback(R - KS)
John Ensign(R - NV)
John E. Sununu(R - NH)
Tom Coburn(R - OK)
Lindsey Graham(R - SC)
Jim DeMint(R - SC)
John Cornyn(R - TX)

Against are:

Edward Kennedy(D - MA)
John Kerry(D - MA)
Harry Reid(D - NV)

Well well well if it isn't the three little pigs themselves. What a bunch of turds from the shallow end of the gene pool. They only beings lower on the food chain than them are the morons that keep putting them back in office.

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