Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Busy busy

Been a little busy here and neglecting the blog. I have been working on the new house everyday for weeks and really cannot tell what I have accomplished. I was thinking we would be moved in my now but maybe before Thanksgiving is a more realistic goal. If not then I always liked Groundhog day anyway.

Checking up on the news I can't help notice the tornado 30 miles north of me. Shame about the loss of life at the trailer park and as I understand it they are still looking for people.

France is still burning I see. I am suprised they have not surrendered yet but having read some of the statements in the press it sounds like they blame themselves. How about blaming the assholes burning stuff? If the immigrants are that unhappy in France maybe they should go back to Turdistan or wherever they came from.

After taking a test to see what political group I lean towards I discovered I was a libertarian. But then in surfing the net I read about the South Park Conservatives. They hate conservatives but hate liberals more! I think I have found a home and I like South Park as well. Every episode does have a point in the end and usually one I agree with. I have noticed that most people that don't like South Park I don't tend to like them very much. Doing a yahoo search for the term I ran across an editoral from Michelle Malkin who is not a fan of the show because of the foul language. Well grow the fuck up its not a Disney production. I liked Team America as well but mostly because of watching the celebrity know-it-alls get theirs in the end. I dunno I may have to explore this a bit more.

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