Friday, November 04, 2005

French Muslim Rebellion spreads

So Paris is burning for what the 7th day now? Not shedding many tears for the French govt at this point but I do feel for the local populace, who were probably thinking their govt would have gotten a handle on this by now. I saw in one snippet where the French had deployed 1300 police and had arrested 30. Wow those are impressive numbers. Almost a great set up for a "How many French cops does it take to.." joke.

StrategyPage has a good read here.

Meanwhile the instapundit points us to
this article from the New York Times.

Back in the 1990s, the French sneered at America for the Los Angeles riots. As the Chicago Sun-Times reported in 1992: "the consensus of French pundits is that something on the scale of the Los Angeles riots could not happen here, mainly because France is a more humane, less racist place with a much stronger commitment to social welfare programs." President Mitterrand, the Washington Post reported in 1992, blamed the riots on the "conservative society" that Presidents Reagan and Bush had created and said France is different because it "is the country where the level of social protection is the highest in the world."

Wow 1992 has it been that long? I remember watching that mess unfold on CNN back in the day. Thank god now there are other news outlets to watch. I remember thinking then what I do now watching Paris and Denmark burn. In this neighborhood those assclowns would be in deep deep shit as I am certain my neighbors would be more than happy to return fire into the rampaging crowd of thugs. It is comforting to live in a state where you are allowed to defend your own home.

Sky News is reporting that "youths" burned a disabled woman in France. Ah the religion of peace at work. Can't you just feel the love they project? What's with the media insisting on calling them "youths" anyway? Can we not call a spade a spade here and call them the rampaging goat fucking muslim extremists they are? These are not children they are adults and should be treated at such. Big Boy rules should apply when you go throwing bricks and fire bombs at the police. I'm sorry but some assclown lobs a brick at my head I'm shooting back and its not going to be rubber bullets. Speaking of burning for those that missed my earlier post about Burning Bodies.

Is it the modus operandi in the muslim world to migrate to a region and after having established a majority to then try to proclaim their own state? That seems to be a common theme.

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