Monday, October 24, 2005

Burning bodies?

Been seeing lots of coverage on the net of the burning of the terrorist bodies in Afghanistan. Much ado about nothing is what I thought at the time and now that seems to be the case.

Good information on Strategy Page.

Also a little background seems to be coming out on the imbedded journalists as well. Looks like at least one of them went with his mind already made up since he already wrote a book bashing the Iraq war. Doesn't someone do background checks on these guys? A google search of the pricks name would have turned up his book at

All the leftists in this country are shocked and disgusted our troops would burn rotting corpses that no one would collect but I haven't seen any outrage from them about live contractors being burned ALIVE in Iraq.

In a shocking turn of events I see the insurgents in Iraq seem to have turned on thier greatest allies in the region.

On a final note. I have been puzzled as to what Trudeau has been trying to accomplish over the last year or so with B.D.'s misfortune in Iraq but what he is trying to accomplish here I can understand and appreciate.

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