Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hope the shitter wasn't full

Small plane crash-lands into portable potties

Of all things, it had to be a bunch of toilets.

A small plane crashed into a storage yard full of portable potties Friday afternoon near Thun Field just minutes after taking off from the field.

Pilot Clifford Howell of Lake Bay told investigators at about 150 feet in the air, his engine quit. He banked and tried to make it back to the runway, but came up short.

"He just took a nosedive," said witness Brian Berscheid.

"I spoke to him briefly, and he said just lost power, and he was trying to get it down safely," said Pierce County Sgt. Mike Blair.

But the ground came rushing up while the plane was still short of the runway. And by chance, the Cessna went straight into a lot of Honey Buckets on the north end of the airport.

Is it just me or are those outhouses really big?

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