Wednesday, May 06, 2009

SWAT accidental discharge twice on 1 call?

Shots Fired During Pine Twp. Standoff Probed

Investigators are trying to determine how the high-powered rifles of two officers accidentally discharged during a standoff in Pine Township.

Police say a woman shot her husband and then herself.

Among the 18 Allegheny County SWAT team members at the scene, two had accidental discharges of their weapons.

"There was one of the officers making entry into the home and it was the front and the weapon discharged," Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said.

Sources indicate the bullet from an AR-15 discharged, traveled through wall and lodged into a couch.

The second incident involved a different rifle, described as a Remington 700.

The AD on an AR-15 is bad enough but a bolt action rifle? Where do they find clowns like that?

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