Monday, May 04, 2009

Thats about right

Obama to Secured Creditors: Drop Dead

The fate of Chrysler and its workers pale in comparison to the wrecking ball that would be taken to economic order if bankruptcy judge Arthur Gonzalez approves the administration’s plan to give Chrysler’s secured creditors the shaft. And what prize will we-the-people get in return? A doomed third-rate car company majority owned by its militant union run by Italian management building congressionally designed “green” cars no one wants to buy financed by taxpayers into perpetuity because no private investor in their right mind will touch the company with a ten foot pole. Is this supposed to be economic policy or comic opera?

The strategy will work better after Obama starts putting the squeeze on the oil companies to drive up gas prices again. Otherwise is anybody really going to buy a crappy green car from GM or Chrysler/Fiat?

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