Sunday, December 07, 2008

Odd response to Greek riots

Rioters rampage through Greek cities

The story itself wasn't really that interesting until down towards the end.

Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos promised there would be a thorough investigation into the teenager's death and pledged to punish anyone found responsible.

"It is inconceivable for there not to be punishment when a person loses their life, particularly when it is a child," Pavlopoulos said. "The taking of life is something that is not excusable in a democracy."

Not excusable in a democracy? Seriously what the fuck? A gang attacks cops so it would be ok for "children" to possible kill one of the police but god forbid one of the "children" be injured or killed.

Pop told me of a lesson he learned the hard way in Vietnam. Whats the difference between a 30 year old with a gun and a 13 year old with a gun? Not a damn thing. When you think they may kill you in an assault what does age, race, gender or anything else have to do with it?


Hunters B.V said...

I agree, if I got a gun and someone, anyone, starts throwing gas bombs at me, i'm shootin' them.

stellios said...

I agree that the response should be tough and thugs pegging rocks at police cars cannot be tolerated no matter what age. Unfortunately Greece did once respond with tanks in 1973 (Greece's Tianamen Square basically) and maybe sentiments from the past and the fallout from it is why the Government's treading carefully on this one.

Athens Polytechnic uprising

Jason said...

Well its this quote: "The taking of life is something that is not excusable in a democracy."

That really puzzles me. I don't begin to understand the Govt of Greece but letting anarchist trash the city is ridiculous.