Friday, December 05, 2008

AP news story as usual based on nothing

AP Enterprise: Deaths loom over self-defense laws

An Associated Press review found a growing number of cases but no clear trend yet in how the law is applied or how cases will be resolved in court.

Well maybe they should wait for a trend before doing a non story stringing together unrelated shootings.

Self defense should not be that complicated. If you are in fear of your life or protecting the life of another its pretty straight forward. Laws requiring you to retreat are asinine.

The guy shooting someone coming out of his neighbors house was wrong and that's very dangerous. I'm glad it wasn't the neighbors kids practicing a fire evacuation plan.

Someone snatching a case of beer and running out of the store is a no brainer as well. The only reason the clerks life was in danger at the time of the shooting was because he chased the guy.

Castle doctrine laws are need to prevent home owners from being prosecuted for protecting themselves. Like this post I made back back when the law was passed in Kentucky about a paraplegic indicted for shooting an intruder.

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