Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kentucky Firefighters who exposed themselves at an Elementary School keep jobs

Firfighters disciplined for recent exposure
City commission overrules staff's recommendation for dismissals

Two members of the Henderson Fire Department have been disciplined for exposing themselves during a fire prevention program at South Heights Elementary School, according to documents obtained under the Kentucky Open Records Act.

Fire Chief Terry Lewis, in memos bringing disciplinary charges against them, said no school children saw anything untoward.
The bizarre behavior appears to stem from a 2005 movie called "Waiting," which depicts a day in the life of the staff of a fictional restaurant. An integral part of the movie's plot is a game that male staff played in which they exposed themselves to other male staff in order to humiliate them.

First of all the Gleaner needs spell check. Whats a firfighter?

So the hosedraggers have been watching "Waiting" and exposed themselves to each other behind a curtain where the kids did not see it. This is not the firehouse its a school and I cannot imagine anyone else getting away with such things in a school. Way to set an example of behavior to both the hosedraggers and the city commission

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