Sunday, December 14, 2008

The right to arm bears

Dispute stalls bear hunt season

Wildlife officials want to bar hunters who use old-fashioned muzzleloading rifles or bows and arrows from taking more powerful firearms along as backup. Some state lawmakers think that violates a constitutional right to bear arms.

First off I have to say I fully support the right to arm bears. Second I think any found guilty of poaching a bear to sell the gall bladder to the Chinese should have his removed with a rusty spoon dipped in bear scat.

Kentucky also bars carrying a pistol while bow hunting for deer even if you have your CDWL (Concealed Deadly Weapons License). I have always disagreed with that because you never know what sort of drunken idiot you are likely to encounter on your own property. Having recently encountered several brazen coyotes this year deer hunting with my crossbow Fish and Wildlife will just have to deal it.

Kentucky does not seem to support suitable numbers of bears for a 2 day hunt. I would imagine that those in KY F&W undoubtedly know that but some office dwelling puke is pushing this hunt. I myself have no interest in hunting black bears in Kentucky or anywhere else unless the numbers get substantially better than current levels.

I have a friend who paid for a Canada bear hunt and came back with a pitiful story of the hunt. The guide set him up on a small hill and told him to watch a stump in the clearing below around daybreak. Sure enough a black bear came out at daybreak and he shot and killed it. When he got brave enough to venture down the hill he found a hollow stump filled with Twinkies. I'm surprised the bear wasn't wearing a name collar.

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