Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kentucky Early-release injunction rejected

Early-release injunction rejected

The state can continue a program under which more than 1,800 convicted felons have been released from prison earlier than under previous rules, a circuit judge ruled Wednesday.

Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip J. Shepherd denied a request for a temporary injunction to shut down the program.
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Prosecutors have argued that releasing the inmates puts the public at risk.

This year, lawmakers put language in the state budget to change how the Department of Corrections calculates when people get out of prison. The goal was to cut spending on prison costs.

You way remember me mentioning this asinine tidbit in this post
How could the punishment ever fit the crime?

Justice and Public Safety Secretary J. Michael Brown, whose cabinet includes the Department of Corrections, said he was pleased Shepherd found the public is not at greater risk because of the release program

Maybe if budget is an issue we can replace this assclown with a monkey. They admit 30% of those released will commit more crimes like the asshole that killed those 2 little girls this summer and to make matter worse they will get "street credit" against their original sentence.

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