Saturday, February 18, 2006

$1 Million + a car and a goat with pretty eyes..

So I think its been pretty well covered by now that some goat f*cker leader has cobbled together some sort of bounty for the head of the danish cartoonist. So then I see in the McPaper a little reprimand from his counterparts. I have never really liked Pat and generally tend to think he talks out of his ass. Mostly I think he stirs the poo just to keep his name in the spotlight. I would imagine that the people that tune into him and his ilk are literally a dyeing audience. I would hope most baby boomers have better things to do than tune into the 700 Club and send that idiot money.

Even though in the past he has made some outlandish comments and he did recently call for the US govt to elimiate Hugo "I'm a target" Chavez it could be worse. For one I would say that Hugo is a very real clear and present danger to the US and the US economy through the supply of oil. But at least he didn't try to personally cobble together a bounty for ole Hugo unlike a certain "religion of peace" leader has.

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