Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kanye West in Playboy

I just finished reading the Playboy interview with Kanye "Bush doesn't care about black people" West. When all that happened I sort of wrote him off as just a stupid rapper running off at the mouth. To be honest I had never heard of him and I don't think I missed anything. After reading the Playboy interview I noted two interesting quotes that back up my original assessment:

West: I'm not into politics at all. I can't even name the people in politics.

West: But I do believe the theory that AIDS was being placed in Africa. I do believe the FBI placed crack in the black community. I believe the U.S. government gave smallpox to the Indians. I believe financial institutions are capitalizing on the African AIDS epidemic.

Yeah ok I suppose he is a college dropout afterall. The only thing that really frightens me about that is he might have learned that in a classroom somewhere.

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Elelel said...

Ignorance has nothing to do with a degree or not. It's the easy way out.