Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who the hell is Debbie Schlussel anyway?

Whoever she is she must be very thin skinned for a blogger. I was much amused reading the foul mouthed critique of her article on the Danish by Darth Misha yesterday. Now today I see he has had to edit his post after being threatened with a lawsuit by a person who is against frivolous lawsuits? A conservative that is concerned about free speech is she?

Well I can understand if she was upset by the comments of the sexual nature. But what really astonished me was how she abused and insulted one of her self described fans in the comment section (scroll down to comment #133).

So I followed the link to her site to read some of her other articles. From her pic she does have nice boobs just like Misha said. But after scrolling down the page I ran across the ad for a Defeat Hillary shirt from ThoseShirts.com a conservative shirt store. I'm curious Debbie what is your view of the model wearing American flag shorts pulled tight up into her twat? Apparently being the daughter of a "Vietnam-era Army Veteran" is different from being the son of a Vietnam combat vet. I'm more of a Libertarian myself but I find that pic very disrespectful to our Flag.

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Cody said...

haha! You can't hide from the server logs, Jason!

So you got a blog up and going? It's looking good.

Thanks for linking to me. I'll go ahead and do the same for you as well.