Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cincinnati Enquirer opens its piehole about CDWL holder privacy

In researching who is going to oppose House Bill 920 I ran across this editorial.

The Kentucky Press Association has objected to exempting concealed-carry permit holders from the Open Records Act. If HB 920 passes, Kentuckians will have no way of knowing if sheriff's offices are issuing permits to criminals or the mentally ill.

You ever hear of a background check you twit? I thought the job of the press was to report the news. Since when did protecting the public from gun wielding maniacs become part of the job description?

This is another case of privacy claims colliding with the publics right to know.

Why is my having my CDWL part of the public right to know?

The paper then goes on to whine about how HB920 would also allow CDWL holders to keep their weapons in their cars on company property. Well my car is my personal property dipshit. If I carry a gun when I am not at work where to you propose I keep it when I go in? If I cannot carry my gun on the way to work or home at midnight what's the damn point in having my CDWL?

Maybe the Enquirer should worry more about its festering shithole of a city and less about what's going on across the border. You know traveling through 3rd world places like Cincinnati is the reason I got my CDWL to start with.

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