Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Port saga continues

So after having a little more time to sink in I thought maybe it might start to make some sense. After talking to some more in tune with how things work off the radar it was pointed out that how the UAE acts in public and how they help us behind the scenes are 2 different beasts. Sure they are not the only country in the middle east that wishes to cooperate with us but has to satisfy their ignorant masses at the same time. If it was a company from a middle eastern muslim type country taking over the ports it would cause me concern. But for this particular company it would seem that it is owned by the UAE. So a foreign power would running the ports. That does not have a good vibe no matter how you slice it. While the Coast Guard and Custom would still be doing their thing foreign ships who sail into ports everyday would now be dealing with the UAE company. We all know that the Coasties and Customs do not have the budget nor every will to inspect every shipping container. So I think the key ingredient here is would this takeover make it any easier to smuggle into this country.

I thought maybe W knew something we didnt. They have been working on a good trade agreement with the UAE and perhaps it would also give us leverage in the war on terror. Well it looks like I thought wrong.

WASHINGTON — President Bush was unaware that a controversial deal to sell shipping operations at six major U.S. seaports to a United Arab Emirates-owned firm was in the works until it was approved by his administration, the White House said Wednesday.

Oh yeah thats going to make me sleep better tonight. As usual it looks like the White House has dropped the ball on getting info out to Congress and the Senate. Now some of the biggest liberal assclowns look like they are more on top of national security than the W White House. Wonderful.

Cooler heads are prevailing over at Argghhh!! and they even have an email from a member of the Coast Guard here.

Perhaps this deal will work out for the best if it goes through. More trade with UAE and the politicians who are using it for the next election will dip into their pork projects and give the Coasties more funding to do their job.

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