Thursday, February 16, 2006

Seat belt law KO'd by KY house

Fletcher has endorsed making a seat-belt violation a primary offense, which would allow law enforcement to stop motorists just because they aren't buckled up.

Fletcher's administration put its weight behind reviving the bill.

"As soon as this vote was counted and we fell short ..., we were on the phone with (House) members to let them know the governor wants this bill," said Fletcher spokesman Brett Hall.

Gov Fletcher more intrusions on my personal freedoms is not the reason I voted to send you to Frankfort to "cleanup" the mess. The fact that you can stand there and support this bill not long after the helmet law was repealed in this state makes you look foolish.

Don't you think the police in KY have better things to do with their time like catching real criminals? The State Police were so undermanned/underfunded that you turned the KYDOT (now known as vehicle enforcement) loose on the general public. Sitting in the medians writing speeding tickets isn't even amusement now?

I am however pleased that you are attempting to get KY caught up with the border states by raising the speed limit from 65 to 70.

The people supporting this bill say they support it because it will save lives. There are many ways to save lives on KY highways without infringing on my personal freedoms. I worked 7 years on the streets as an EMT I think I know a little about the subject. How about auto inspections before you can get your plate every few years. Have you taken the time to notice the rolling lumps of crap that pass for cars in this state?

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