Monday, February 20, 2006

You want WHO to guard the henhouse?

So for those that live under a moss covered rock W thinks its okay for Dubai Ports World who is owned by the govt of the United Arab Emirates to guard some of our nations ports.

As a 2 time voter of W I can forgive a lot of mistakes. I really thought you should have waited for the 2nd term to take out Iraq and to give the boots on the ground not to mention the intelligence assets more time in Afghanland. This unholy beast called the Homeland Security dept that is spending like there is no tomorrow. Leaving us no viable candidate to run against Hitlary in 2008. But this I cannot stand for.

How can someone with ears that big have his head so far up his ass?

The real question is what's Jeb going to do at this point. Will he support W or stand up for the security of the Miami ports?

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