Monday, December 01, 2008

CNN: Which hero do we want Obama to be?

Commentary: Which hero do we want Obama to be?

America loves its heroes and Barack Obama has already become one. In fact, he's become several.

Remember, Obama hasn't taken office as president, only glimpsed the Oval Office as a visitor and won't take over until January 20.

But already, he's being compared to the most remarkable leaders the United States has ever had.

The way some Americans talk, they're getting five presidents in one.

Then is goes on to list JFK, FDR, Lincoln, Clinton and Obama. How about none of the above. We can already see he is reading that damn FDR book lets hope anything he reads about JFK and Lincoln doesn't gloss over their more obvious fuck ups like the FDR book does. Clinton....well I think he knows most of Bills fuck ups since we got to watch them live.

I love this last line:

The Americans who are comparing him to those remarkable predecessors are putting a lot of faith in a man they barely know

No shit.

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