Wednesday, December 03, 2008

GOP's problem is that it's not Centrist enough

More "Republicans should move to the Center" talk, this time from the Charlie Cook Report

From the Libertarian Republican Blog

I have to agree. Obama is not stupid he is a leftist and played the middle to win. He has cover for every fuck up for the next 4 years as the media will continue to blame Bush for everything. His next task will be to win reelection in 2012 by convincing everyone he will continue to govern from the middle. Look at this cabinet he has assembled that stabbed the left in the back. He screwed them and they know it but what are they going to do vote for the Republican candidate in 2012? I don't think so. He has them no matter what and he knows it. 2013 is when you need to worry about a hard slide left for Obama. Think Brady Bill 2.0 for Jan of 2013.

I predict the Republican circular firing squad will continue well into 2010. Barring Obama getting caught sodomizing a sheep on the White House front lawn with a Koran in his hand I predict he will crush the 2012 Republican candidate. The GOP will do something asinine again like Dole vs Clinton I am sure. You can already hear the calls from the social conservatives that the McCain wasn't far right enough to win. This will continue to alienate the white women, hispanic and black voters. There are just not enough left to rally the GOP with the call to the Pro-life and 2nd amendment scare tactics anymore.

Hopefully after another severe beat down in 2012 the libertarian wing of the GOP can can take charge from the out of touch Matlock/Murder She Wrote watching crowd that seems to be in charge now.

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