Monday, December 01, 2008

NHS nurse takes home £100,000 salary thanks to overtime

An NHS nurse has become the first in her profession to take home a six-figure salary, thanks to generous payments designed to bring down waiting lists.

She was employed by the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, who declined to disclose how many extra hours the nurse was working for her additional £50,000.

The figures also show a nurse at Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust earned £71,000, while a nurse at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust took home £61,000.

Official figures for September 2008 show NHS nurses had an average annual income, including overtime, of £31,600, while the average consultant salary was £119,200.

I will be honest I had to convert that to have an idea how much it was. Not surprising she was a consultant not a staff nurse so the headline is misleading. The headline should have said Consultant who happens to be a nurse.

The average nurse income was £31,600 which would be $48,499.60 Not a bad average wage I suppose until you take into account the amount of taxes the UK takes out to pay for their massive welfare system. Nurses would almost seem to be self employed in such a system.

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