Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pills with Bluetooth?

Edible Electronics Monitor Drugs in Your Body

A biomedical company has created a system to embed tiny computers and sensors into drugs and link them to a cellphone or the internet in a bid to make the monitoring of drug efficacy foolproof.

Proteus' product consists of two parts: an ingestible sensor chip and an external band-aid-like patch. The chips are just 1mm square and 200 microns thick and are attached to pills with a bio-compatible glue. When swallowed the chips send a signal to the patch. The patch has accelerometers and amplifiers to track heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and body angle to determine if the patient is lying down or standing up.

That information is transmitted via Bluetooth to an online repository and can show how the body is responding to the drug, says Savage.

Well so long as its a 1 time use pill that is fine but I'm not gonna dig for it.

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