Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tonights thoughts and run down

Great article on the wasting of our tax dollars and military resources in Korea Here. Pretty much tells what I always thought. South Korea should have enough money to train and equip an army to defend itself and should not need the USA to do it for them. Now I know many an American GI spilled blood on the battlefield to keep Korea free. But would pulling out our troops cause the North Koreans to come streaming over the border hopping over the bazillion land mines in no mans land? For some reason I do not think so. Without all the aid from South Korea the North would have starved to death already. One would think freeing up all the troops defending Germany from ??? and the troops in South Korea would help to solve the many problems. Yeah I know pulling our troops out of Germany would cause chaos in their nifty financial arrangement of spending way too much money on welfare. Like I give 2 shits about the German economy what about the US economy thats supporting their welfare system?

BTW this article puts to rest the dire predictions of mass carnage on the streets as the so called Assault Weapons ban died over a year ago. Remember how it was supposed to be? Cops would be outgunned and mowed down on the beat by gang bangers toting Ak-47's!

I would wager the reason crime is down and drug arrests are up has more to do with the assload of money being spent on law enforcement. Tiny police depts getting Homeland Security grants to buy nightvision goggles. To do what with you might ask, perhaps catch terrorists plotting death and destruction? No how about sitting in parking lots trying to catch people not wearing their seatbelts. On my way home in my little city of 20,000 I counted 3 cops in parking lots with their radar guns on. Common fella's get a life will ya? Almost every day I see the same cop sitting in a parking lot under a tree where the speed limit drops from 45 to 35. Then at 2:30 the little yellow lights come on because its a school zone and the limit is 25. Never mind the fact its a PRE-SCHOOL! Anybody that lets a preschooler walk to school should be the one arrested so whats the need here? My favorite though was last year during spring break when he was there writing tickets at 2:30 cause the little yellow lights were still coming on. Now I know these guys have a shitty thankless job but damn this really is a small city and they are certainly not winning hearts and minds of the local populace pulling that kind of shit.

It is funny that the State Police seem to be running in short supply and do not have the time to write tickets on the highway because they have real crimes to tend to. But here we are in the city up to our ears in cops with radar guns. Things that make you go hmmm. I would get started on the money squandered on this D.A.R.E bullshit but I think I will savor that for another post.

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