Saturday, October 29, 2005

How about a zero-tolerance policy on stupid laws?

Wow this is just an incredible read . The war on drugs is obviously going down the toilet and it seems the harder the govt tries to clamp down the more these kinds of things are bound to happen. How amazing this is in the same state of the Terri Schiavo clusterfuck. So let me get this straight. In the great grey hair state they were bound and determined to keep an obviously brain damaged woman alive at all costs. Yet they have locked up this harmless wheelchair ridden man for drug distribution although they admit he never sold any drugs? To top that off the prison is threatening to not refill his morphine pump to try to get him to stop talking to the press?

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Elelel said...

Wow, I had not come across that story. That is shameful. I do hope Gov. Bush rights a wrong. I wish Mr. Paey well.