Sunday, October 16, 2005

Much assclownery afoot I sense

I felt a disturbance in the Force. As if thousands of assclowns had gathered together. I went online to see what it could have been and found this Assclowns . Wow Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton all in one place. Its funny in all the rambling there was one theme I thought was good. It was the black Americans need to clean up their neighborhood and take responsibility for their actions. Of course then they had to dick it all up by bitching about the Federal response to Katrina. So much for personal responsibility eh Louis? Personally I think the Nation of Islam should be added to the list of Terrorist groups.

Speaking of which a completely different group of assclowns descended on Ohio Here. Looks like the Nazi's didn't even manage to march before all hell broke loose. I saw the live footage and was very impressed with the counterprotesters. Well that is if they were trying to prove the Nazi's right.

Organizers of the march said they were demonstrating against black gangs they said were harassing white residents in the neighbourhood.

Well good job crowd. The Nazi's were there to protest "black crime" and it resulted in more black crime. I do not have any love of Nazi's but it would seem they were not the ones breaking the law and acting like idiots. Granted they were there to cause a scene and looks like they got it.

Much of the anger boiled over because people were upset that city leaders were willing to allow the supremacists to walk through the neighborhood and shout insults, residents and authorities said.

Yeah well thats called the 1st amendment. Its in the Bill of Rights you guys should try reading it. Maybe there is a Dummies Guide to it somewhere. Even assclowns have First Amendment rights or else how would ole Louis say things like..

"I heard from a very reliable source who saw a 25-foot deep crater under the levee breach," Farrakhan said. "It may have been blown up to destroy the black part of town and keep the white part dry."

Uh huh I see, was that reliable source one of those guys I saw on CNN packing off a plasma screen tv?

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Fastest Squirrel said...

LOL! WOO HOO! That is some funny shit right there, I don't care who you are.