Thursday, October 13, 2005

The following is not a paid endorsement by Barnett Int.

So little brother...I wonder if it bothers him that I refer to his 6'4" ass as little brother still...was over and wanted to check out my crossbow. I used it to kill a doe last year. I hit her in the right chest as she spun around. The crossbow has a pretty loud thwang so I suppose it spooked her. The bolt actually traveled through her length wise and exited her left pelvis before traveling another 40-50 yards. The crossbow is a Barnett revolution XS. Draw weight is 160lbs and it shoot at 340 FPS. I set up the target behind the garage and showed him how it worked. I hit about 2 inches low of dead center at 30 yards and then let him have a go at it. Here is the result. The concrete blocks actually go up 3 high. The bolt drove itself into the block about 3 inches. I would love to know what kind of foot lbs it had going into that block.

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